Jeffrey Dunphy

FOUNDER | Teacher of Esoteric Sciences

A life long teacher, Jeff has studied ancient wisdom; specializing in Esoteric Sciences. His life's purpose and passion is to awaken others to the mystery of the Soul. When Jeff is not teaching at RTW, he is running his family aromatherapy business:


Jamine Aponte

Teacher of Spiritual Wellness

Jamine's expertise lies in the physical body; creating the highest vibratory vessel in order to serve the greater good. From exercise, to meditation, to right eating, and living a balanced lifestyle, she teaches students how to build a healthy and strong temple that is ready to serve. When she is not teaching at RTW, she is indulging in her favourite activities and writing for


Deiter Gedeik

Teacher of Metaphysics

Deiter studied directly under Douglas Baker at Little Elephant. He has spent decades studying metaphysics and creating an amazing curriculum to teach students how to delve into the ancient teachings. He currently runs


Charlene Rose Johnson

Teacher of Esoteric Astrology

Charlene also studied under Douglas Baker. She is a well-loved practitioner of Soul-Centered Astrology. When she is not collaborating with, she throwing charts at: