Energy & Flow

We here at RTW understand that money is a form of energy used by humans when we exchange goods and services. We have chosen to offer all of our introductory courses {Joy Class | The Wisdom Series | Intro To Self Healing} under a Value-For-Value model. This gives you, the student, the power to decide the value of our services - it allows you to give to something you may believe to be priceless or to partake in an educational journey while you may be in a place where you do not have money to give at this time.

We believe that knowledge of Self is Power. We endeavor to help others to empower themselves. We want as many individuals as possible to connect with their Genius - regardless of money, and we trust that we will continue to operate abundantly!


Where Do MY Donations Go?



All donations are used to grow our organization: website building and the automization of our online courses; the creation of new content; downloadable applications, as well as paying our instructors living wages so that they can continue to create, share, teach and inspire.

We Grow As You Grow!


Retooling The World is an organically grown organization being built by it's founders from the ground up.

There are no corporate entities behind this site or its content. With each and every new student that joins our community; that takes our courses; that takes the leap to connect a little bit stronger to their Genius, we, in turn, grow a little bigger and stronger.

With every bit of value injected into this educational organization [the fertilizer in our soil - so to say], we use that nourishment to further create and disseminate innovative educational products.

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How to Donate:


There 3 ways to donate:

  1. You can donate using cash or via check when you attend courses in person. There is a donation and offering box located in our lamasery
  2. You can donate via PayPal to
  3. Whether you are in the USA or in Canada, you can mail a check to our US Headquarters: Fund • Attn: Jeff Dunphy • 121-B Dewey Avenue • Eureka, Montana 59917-2032 • USA